Who We Are?


3R Waste Management start working in district Lahore before 5 years. So 3RWM waste-management-company-lahore has experienced the safe and efficient disposal of industrial and medical hazardous wastes. We have found in the year 2016 and then start providing services in Lahore and all over Pakistan.

3R Waste Management is a Health Services Company specializing in reducing Environmental and Health risks. Punjab’s EPD (Environment Protection Department) was approved as an Incineration Company. 3R Waste Management strictly follows EPD rules & regulations because of that we work for everyone. Because of our expertise we work with companies in a wide array of industries. Industries as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail to improve employee and customer safety. We also ensure regulatory compliance and safely dispose of hazardous materials, and manage corporate and personal risks.

Who we are – waste-management-company-lahore


Hazardous waste management, collection, treatment, and disposal of waste material. But improperly handled, can cause substantial harm to human health and safety or to the environment. Penchant to contaminate soil, water and air, that adversely affect flora and fauna and cause environmental degradation and disrupts the eco-system.

3R & Incinero waste management is transpiring to the best service provider for the incineration of all types of hazardous. Infectious, medical, Industrial, Chemical, electronic, etc. And a collection of non-hazardous waste (Metal Scrap, Paper, Plastic drums, etc.). We provide the eco-friendly and sustainable waste management system. And also, our service starts from the point of generation to the treatment and safe disposal at very nominal charges.3R & Incinero Waste Management has the yellow room storage as well as the incineration facility approved by EPA Punjab and comply with all the National and International Standards.

Waste collection is just the start. Through investments, education and state-of-the-art technologies. We’re collaborating with people and communities to contribute to a better environment.

We’ve got you covered with sustainable solutions to handle every type of waste – major or minor. Have questions? Please contact us.