CEO Message

Hazardous waste management is a significant environmental and social obligation, and hence requires a proper plan. The health care, industrial and municipal waste management plans are devised to incorporate a standard protocol for effective management of waste disposal.

Being the 6th most populous country, and due to multiple factors contributing to the solid waste accumulation, the problem has become so large and it is beyond the capacity of local governments. Like other developing countries, waste management in Pakistan is plagued by a wide variety of social, cultural, legislative, governance and economic issues. All major cities, be it Karachi, Lahore or Faisalabad, are facing enormous challenges in tackling the problem of urban hazardous waste management through incineration.

The root causes of worsening Incinero waste problems are lack of state-of-the-art facilities, modern technologies and endemic corruption.

3R & Incinero Waste Management has been incorporated to provided industries with state-of-the-art facilities, modern technology for incineration of hazardous waste management. We are committed to provide cost effective, high-tech, innovative and sustainable solutions for incineration of wastes as per requirements of the regulators, national and international standards.