Waste collection

Waste Collection

We collect your hazardous/non-hazardous waste. We clean out bins. Our high-tech vehicles whisk away your waste through optimized routes. We are providing the best services for waste-collection-in-lahore.

Waste may be a major problem for cities in developing countries. it’s considered to be a giant challenge because it needs commitment, time, and effort from businesses and householders to practice reduction, reuse, and recycling. It also requires major financial investment also as infrastructure development. A well-planned collection and transfer process can result in significant reductions within the overall cost of waste management. Collection of waste is very important for our healthy environment.

Waste Collection Method


Waste generators are responsible for bringing their waste to waste collection vehicles.


Waste generators place the waste container or bags (sacks) on the kerb or in the alley on a specific day for collection.


3R & INCINERI WASTE MANAGEMENT can transport your waste through a variety of transportation modes. Transportation management to coordinate all your waste disposal transportation needs. When you generate waste, you recognize that point is crucial. But regulators require swift removal windows, and lean operations can’t afford to stay waste stored for long. So once it’s been packaged, then you would like a secure and reliable partner. You’ll trust to point out given time whenever, and take it away. Then 3RWM maintains a transit fleet starting from vans to trucks, to form sure you’re getting the reliable service you would like without paying for space that you simply don’t. Because of our fleet, we can more efficient.



3RWM operates a large fleet of vehicles of all sizes because of that we have flexibility and redundancy that leads to reliability. We are the best service for waste-collection-in-lahore. We manage a fleet.

Types of Transportation:

  • Dumper Trucks
  • Small Containers
  • Pickups
  • Trollies for Sludge

We are providing services and Waste-collection-in-Lahore and waste management in Lahore and Pakistan.