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Waste Collection


incineration waste management collection


incineration waste management collection


Collection and Waste Management Services

3RWM & Incinero Waste Management is a brand of Trust & Quality waste management company collection.

3RIWM is working with the industrial, hospitals, and commercials areas of the waste-producing industries. waste-management-in-lahore waste removal biomedical Medical. But we find smart and sustainable solutions to collect, recover, safe disposal, and incineration your waste and turn the globe clean and sustainable.

Waste management (or waste removal) incorporates the cycles and activities needed to oversee waste from its beginning to its last removal.

This incorporates the assortment, transport, treatment, and removal of waste, along with checking and guideline of the waste management cycle and waste-related issues, advances and monetary systems.

3R Waste management manages a wide range of waste, including mechanical, natural, family, metropolitan, natural, biomedical wastes. At times, waste can represent a danger to human wellbeing. Medical problems are related all through the whole interaction of waste.

WM is that the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its disposal. This includes the gathering, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste, alongside monitoring and regulation of the waste management process.

Because orders are lifted and businesses are ready to reopen, we are proactively working to revive services. Because of covid when others are off we are still working for humanity services. you’ll specialize in what really matters – your business, your work, and your life – and we’ll be here to regulate your services to support your needs.

waste management in pakistan

But we’ve continually served residential communities with waste and recycling collection services.

Company is providing the service for these sectors because of our good waste management skills.

In health care and hospital waste management used plastic bag. But we always care for solid waste management. We collect hazardous non hazardous waste in different plastic bags. Different industries Waste generated but we have cost effective waste collection management system. After the collection of waste, we have a system for reusing recycling of waste.

  • Industrial Units
  • Medical Sector (Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories)
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Bakers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Packing Units
  • Shopping Malls
  • Housing Societies

Vision statement

Clean Environment friendly, sustainable waste management to save the globe from hazardous waste.
Let’s clean the globe……,

Mission statement

3RWMS & INCINERO WASTE MANAGEMENT’s mission is to provide,so environment-friendly, sustainable waste management, incineration services. Requirements of the regulators while fulfilling national and international standards, because of that international and national standard we perform best.



Flow Chart:

WMS is basically comprise of all the steps from the point of generation
to the end disposal.

waste management collection
waste management collection process

A waste management company collection

First and indispensable part of the entire system is waste collection. Because of expertise team has the experience and is fully equipped for the collection of waste. So our Staff members of team use Standard procedures for waste collection.Its because of that our services is best in lahore and Pakistan. And give training to the hospital staff by our Technical team on regular basis by our experienced technical team. Which enhanced the efficiency of staff to manage the waste in a good manner. But with their training and then we get waste in proper disposal drums.

Different Waste may be a major problem for cities in developing countries. it’s considered to be a giant challenge because it needs commitment, time, and effort from businesses and householders to practice reduction, reuse, and recycling. It also requires major financial investment also as infrastructure development.

A well-planned collection and transfer process can result in significant reductions within the overall cost of waste management.

Collection of waste is very important for our healthy environment because of cleanness.


Transportation management to coordinate all your waste disposal transportation needs. When you generate waste, you recognize that point is crucial. But regulators require swift removal windows, and lean operations can’t afford to stay waste stored for long. So once it’s been packaged, then you would like a secure and reliable partner. You’ll trust to point out given time whenever, and take it away. Then 3RWM maintains a transit fleet starting from vans to trucks, to form sure you’re getting the reliable service you would like without paying for space that you simply don’t. Because of our fleet, we can more efficient.

  • Yellow bags and red bags from the Hospital containers are collected
    separately and properly sealed before transportation.

  • Vouchers of waste collection are filled and the carbon copies are provided in the
    concerned departments.

  • Sharps are collected and handled separately.

  • PPPE (Proper Personal Protective Equipment’s) are provided to all Workers.

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